DW - Supercharged alkaline Ionized water for peak performance - 1 x 5 Liter - screw on cap

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Supercharged alkaline Ionized water for peak performance!

Absolutely safe for your pets. It’s great for all pets.

While alkaline water, which has a higher pH than tap water, has long been regarded as a “miracle of nature” in holistic medicine, it is now being researched – and the initial results are astonishing. Founder and Managing Director of Designer Water, John Thompson confirms that, while water is the essence of life, alkaline water provides the full spectrum of water’s life-enhancing qualities.
For anyone struggling with low energy levels and frequent illness, alkaline water may be the answer. The alkaline, ionized water made by Designer Water may help to increase energy levels and prevent certain lifestyle illnesses. Many Designer Water clients report a better overall quality of health and a feeling of improved wellness.

4 reasons it’s better for you:
1. Better hydration, proper ionized alkaline water with a pH 9.5 and pH 10 water are the only waters we can find that are scientifically proven to hydrate better.
2. The higher pH helps to reduce acidity in the body like acid reflux.
3. It contains hydroxide ions which are electron donors or antioxidants. They can help with inflammation and help to reduce free radicals which are responsible for damaging cells and tissues.
4. This is the people’s water, we are proudly South African and all proceeds go to local South African businesses and entrepreneurs and their communities and areas

Scientific studies, other observations and anecdotal evidence show that alkaline water may offer the following benefits;

• Buffers excessive acidity in the body
• Increases energy and hydration
• Reduces lactic acid build-up during heavy exercise and
decreases muscle fatigue
• Improves athletic performance and recovery
• Improves organ function and digestive health
• Detoxes the body and facilitates weight loss
• Improves mental focus and function
• Improves symptoms of lifestyle related illnesses like; cancer,
diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s, cholesterol, high blood
pressure, gout, etc.

A true alkaline water product will have the following features:
• pH of 9.5 or more
• Antioxidant properties which can neutralise free radicals
• Micro-clustered, offering the smallest water molecule size possible for superior hydration
• Minerally ionized to regulate the body’s pH levels, for improved health and wellness
• Balanced ions to help maintain a body pH of 6.9~7.2
Packed with bioavailable minerals, antioxidants, and reported healing properties, Designer Water, is produced using the best available filtering methods in Centurion, South Africa.

• We offer a product that provides a difference in health and wellness
• Our focus is on consumer education
• Water from our ionizers are third-party verified to be
• Our water offers a unique “no bloating” effect